San Miguel, 20, Quintana del Pidio

This rustic house is officially registered as a Rural Tourism Centre and can sleep up to 23 people and it is always reserved by room and not completely: there are two single rooms, five double rooms and five twin bed rooms.

Castillo s/n, Tubilla del Lago

This hostel provides 22 beds in the middle of the village called Tubilla del Lago. There are two separate rooms with ten bunk beds, two bathrooms with independent showers and an extra bed in each one. 

Road National 122, Km 273, Castrillo de la Vega

This property belongs to seven brothers and specializes in catering for organized tourist groups. It is a second category guesthouse that was improved in 2008/2009, that prioritizes above all, the cleaning of the bedrooms.

, Gumiel de Izán

Respecting the rural culture, this country cottage has conserved elements like the semi-underground pantry; today it is a merendero, picnic area, with a French chimney, and the underground wine cellar between its walls.

Jose Antonio, Valbuena de Duero

It is located in Valbuena de Duero, there are two house: one from the 18th century (300m² with four double bedrooms and two suites) and the second which was built more recently (260 m² with nine double bedrooms):

Mayor, 18, La Vid

This country cottage has an unbeatable location in the small colonial village of La Vid. It is perfect for a break and one can enjoy the setting and the best gastronomy. 

del Trigo, 5. Square, Vadocondes

This country cottage holds the Tourism Licence and is focused towards the cottage being rented entirely, providing sleeping space for up to nine people: there is one single room, four double rooms and two bathrooms.

I Walk of Molino s/n, Quintanilla de Onésimo

This flour mill was re-modelled in 2002 from a 300 year old building; its rooms have private balconies with views of the River Duero. 

Cascajo, 90, Fuentespina

The Fuentespina country cottage was devised from the basis of a pleasant atmosphere and can accommodate up to 10 people: there are two twin bed rooms, two double bedrooms and an attic room with two individual beds.

Road Madrid - Irún, Km 171, Gumiel de Izán

This guesthouse was opened in 1991 in strategically placed area of the Ribera del Duero region, within the borders of the village, Gumiel de Izán. However, in 1997, in search of perfection, it was reopened with a considerable improvement in facilities.